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  • City of Compton Councilwoman Emma Sharif

  • LBUSD Board of Education Felton Williams 

  • Los Angeles City Councilman   Bernard Parks 

  • Malibu  City Councilwoman Pamela Ulich

  • Lawndale City Councilman Robert Pullen-Miles

  • LBUSD Board of Education Meyer Meyer

  • Montebello City Councilwoman Rosie Vasquez

  • New York State Assembly member Eric A Stevenson

  • Councilwoman Lula Davis-Holmes Carson City Council

  • Compton City Councilman Dr. Willie O Jones

  • La Puente City Councilman  David Argudo

  • Long Beach City Councilman  Val Lerch

  • Candidate Long Beach City Council Misi Tagaloa

  • Candidate for Compton City Council Michelle Chambers

  • Candidate for Carson City Council Cedric Hicks

  • Candidate for State Senate  Kevin Biggens   

  • Candidate for Long Beach City Council  John Watkins

  • Candidate for West Covina School Board of Education  MichaelFlowers

  • Candidate for Long Beach  Mayor Damon Dunn

  • Candidate for La Puente City Council David Argudo

  • Candidate Long Beach City Council  Teer Strickland

  • Candidate for Long Beach City College Board Trustee  Dr. Marshall Blesofsky

  • Candidate State Assembly Laura Richardson  

  • Candidate for Malibu City Council Skylark Pea

  • Candidate for Palmdale City Council  Warren Wilson

  • Candidate for Unified Schools Board Rios

  • Candidate for Long Beach City Council Daryl Supernaw

  • Candidate for West Covina School Board  Michael Flowers

  • Candidate for Gardena City Clerk Gause

  • Candidate for Norwalk City Council Rodarte

  • Candidate for Carson City Council  Boggs    

  • Candidate for Long Beach City Council  Braude

  • Candidate for Downey City Council Marquez

  • Candidate for Malibu City Council ‘Zuma Jay’ Wagner

  • Candidate for City Carson Council, Lula Davis-Holmes

  • Candidate for State Assembly Anthony Willoughby

  • Candidate for US Congress Terrell


  • Long Beach City College Board of Trustee Juan Cepeda-Rizo

  • Los Angeles County Superior Court /Candidate for Judge Albert Robles

  • Long Beach Unified School District John Mathews

  • Long Beach City  College Faculty  Association Campaign for Board of Trustees  Election.

  • California Proposition 226, the "Paycheck Protection" Initiative (1998) AFL-CIO

  • Proposition on Prop K  $3.35 billion bond, Los Angeles Unified School District.

  • City Compton Education Association  Campaign for  Board of Trustees Election.

  • (CFA) Campaign for CalPERS Board of Administration George Diehrn.

  • Association for Los Angeles County  Deputy Sheriff’s/City of Compton California 

  • Ballot Measures Petition Signature Gathering Campaign 2013.

  • Friends of Coyote Hills /Save Coyote Hills City of Fullerton California Ballot Measures Petition Signature Gathering Campaign 2012.

  • Long Beach Collective Association/ Ballot Measures  Petition  Signature Gathering Campaign.


  • Rocks Longes Cocktail Bars Sports Bars

  • Fastrip Food Store City La Puente California 

  • The Palms Genlemens Club

  • SMS Transportation  Services


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